You can diversify your balance in different assets, thus having a better performance in your account, you can withdraw and deposit in any available digital asset, as well as generate withdrawals and deposits in fiat currency with your current bank.
It provides a simple way to manage your funds when and where you want. It allows you to transfer balances to any user or to financial markets such as forex and cfd's at no cost.
  • Multi-awarded
  • Superior speed of execution
  • Easy to use


It is one of the most appropriate ways to save the commissions that the blockchain charges per transaction.


With this service you can transfer between accounts to other users in any of the available assets without transfer cost 0% in commissions.



It is one of the most appropriate ways to save the commissions that the blockchain charges per transaction.


With this service you can transfer 0% commission fees to your Protrade or HYCM trading accounts.


Wallet fees

With Citioption it is very easy to obtain extra earnings for referrals, we share the generous commission of 20% of our earnings, generated by the conversions made by your direct referrals, with your registration link.


Citioption pays 20% of all earnings generated by conversions, within the platform, to new users' affiliates, using their referral link.



Verification is only necessary for people who deposit more than 250 USD, in cash or bank transfer (SPEI), or for withdrawals to current bank accounts. While for users only in cryptoactive, account verification is not necessary.

Citioption does not charge commissions to clients for making exchange transactions ($ 0 commissions), since it uses the difference between the purchase and sale of the asset called (spred).

Citioption has a wide range of funding methods, where you can see them from the following link Funding Methods.

Citioption allows withdrawals on any of the available assets, as long as the withdrawal address is previously added.

Citioption contains a wide range of digital assets or currencies which can be exchanged at any time to diversify your capital. Mainly contains the following digital assets: BTC, CITIC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, XEM, PIVX, NEO, DOGE. And as fiat currencies: MXN AND USD.

Citioption no tiene límite de volumen, siempre se encuentre liquidez en el mercado.

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