Citioption allows you to benefit from markets that are going up and also markets that are going down.

If you want to buy a bitcoin, for example, the value of your account will increase as the price of the bitcoin does. If the bitcoin price decreases, your account will lose value.

In addition to performing standard operations (purchases), the Citioption platform allows you to open a position whose value will increase as the price of the cryptocurrency decreases. This is called a sell or a short position, as opposed to a sale or a long position.


Suppose the market price for ethereum is $ 314.7. You think the price of ethereum will rise, so buy 200 ETH at $ 314.7. This equals a place value of $ 62,940. Since Citioption offers leveraged trading, you don't have to put the full value of this trade. You only have to cover the margin, which equals 1% of the size of a total position, or $ 629.40. If your forecast is correct and the ETH price increases, you may decide to secure the benefit. Ethereum price is $ 354.2 and it closes its position. To calculate your profit, you have to multiply the difference between the closing price and the opening price of your position by its size. 354.2 - 314.7 = 39.5, which multiplies by 200 and makes a profit of $ 7,900 because it had a long position.

El bitcoin se negocia a unos 7400 $. Prevé noticias negativas sobre el mercado de criptomonedas que afectarán negativamente al precio de BTC, por lo que decide vender 10 bitcoins a 7400 $ por una posición corta total de un valor de 74 000 $. El bitcoin tiene un requisito de margen del 1 % (apalancamiento de 1:100), por lo que tiene que depositar 74 000 × 1 % = 740 $ como garantía de margen. Las noticias son malas y el bitcoin cae a 7354 $. Quiere asegurarse el beneficio, así que recompra 10 BTC a 7354 $. Como esta es una posición corta, resta el precio de cierre (7354 $) del precio de apertura (7400 $) de su posición para calcular el beneficio antes de multiplicar por su tamaño, 10. 7400 − 7354 = 46, que multiplica por 10 y obtiene un beneficio de 460 $ porque tenía una posición corta.

At Citioption we offer applied accounts to go short and long at any time.

Leverage allows you to obtain much more exposure to the market in which you operate than the amount you deposited to open the operation.

Leverage frees up capital that can be used for other investments.

Using leveraged products to conduct financial transactions on market movements allows you to benefit from markets that fall and also those that rise.

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